I am extremely grateful for your help/support/love/awesomeness in all forms. I also need to raise some rupees!  Though I have returned from India for the time being, I am still actively fundraising.  All of the money goes to a scholarship fund I created to allow my students to attend higher secondary school, instead of returning to prostitution.

I also use this donate button to accept payments for merchandise pertaining to Les Filles Rouges, my burlesque troupe that strives to bring sexual empowerment to women, just as my dance work in India strives to bring sexual empowerment to abused girls.  This is all the same stuff… just in different forms.  All the proceeds from the sale of Les Filles Rouges merchandise goes to the scholarship as well… so it’s just a big happy love fest!

If you are ordering shirts, please specify your size and quantity in the memo section, and make sure your address is correct.  Shirts are $20, bumper stickers are $5, and one of each is $23. AND shipping and handling is free!  Share (and wear) the love!

Click the button below to make a secure donation using PayPal.

2 thoughts on “Contribute”

  1. Hi. I was hoping to donate more money, but I see you will be away for a while. Is there some way to make a donation to the continuing work in Bihar?

    • bless you, jason! donating here all goes straight to my bihari students; i am not currently in bihar, but i am continuing work fundraising in the states, with the hopes of being able to send ALL of my girls to higher secondary school for two years. right now i have enough money raised for 5 of them… but there are 50 girls in total, most of whom will return to prostitution when they are 16 and can no longer be in school. you can donate directly to the ngo with whom i work, but, frankly, i have no overhead and no politics and so i believe very strongly that money going through me directly to the girls is much more effective than having it filtered through an organization with substantial staffing and overhead costs. but i digress… anyway, if you’d like more information, please email me at, and we can continue the conversation. blessings, melinda (and 50 beautiful bihari girls…)

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